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A Landscape Approach: From Local Communities to Territorial Systems

A Landscape Approach: From Local Communities to Territorial Systems
Edited by Hannes Zander, Shelagh McCartney, Samantha Solano, Sonja Vangjeli

Publication Date: October 2022
Format: Softcover with flaps
304 pages
Publisher: Applied Research & Design
Size: 7.5” × 9.75”
ISBN: 978-1954081239
Typeset in Avenir
Book design by Pablo Mandel

The book promotes a landscape approach as a method for understanding and addressing the complex interdependent issues of environmental and climatic change, ecological degradation, and socio-cultural inequalities.

The twenty-three book essays are structured into five sections around concepts of urban landscape systems, ecology, politics, territory, and practice. By linking individual sites and local communities to territorial socio-ecological systems and processes, they discuss issues of urban growth and development, remote areas of extraction and production, environmental degradation and transformation, and social inequality and discrimination. While the book allows for parallel readings of such issues in multiple cultural and geographical contexts, a geographic focus is placed on Canada and other environmentally complex and sensitive northern regions. One key theme is the integration of Indigenous knowledge, experience, and storytelling throughout several of the chapters. The book draws lessons that are grounded in inclusive, contextual, and multi-scalar readings which suggest landscape-informed practices that are both socially and environmentally resilient, just, and sustainable.