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Be Seated, by Laurie Olin

Be Seated
by Laurie Olin

Publication Date: October 2017
Format: Hardcover
200 pages
Publisher: Applied Research & Design
Size: 7″ × 9”
ISBN: 978-1939621726
Typeset in Minion Pro
Book design by Pablo Mandel

In Be Seated, Laurie Olin writes of his long interest in park and civic public seating, sharing his insights into the seemingly ordinary elements of these places and his concern for the importance and effects of public seating in the conduct and potential of our role as citizens and the establishment of place and community.

Discovering both the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the ordinary in the extraordinary, Olin shares examples of his experience as a landscape architect, and the theory, craft, and role of seating in a number of prominent civic places, historically, as well as examples of those his firm and others have designed.

Accompanying the essays are drawings and watercolors by Olin that create a dialogue between writing and image, supplying further richness to the author’s insights and point of view as a designer.