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Guitar Craft: A Brief Introductory Guide to Practice

Guitar Craft: A Brief Introductory Guide to Practice (Limited Deluxe Edition)
by Michael Michael Grenfell

Publication Date: 2023
Format: Hardcover with slipcase
148 pages
Publisher: Pomera Press
ISBN: 978-0-9935670-2-5
Typeset in Plantin y Bau
Book design by Pablo Mandel

This Guide is an introduction to the practice of Guitar Craft, as experienced by one of its exponents from the late 1990s. It covers details of its guiding principles and the activities that made up life in a European Guitar Craft house at that time. Such activities involve guitar practice and the daily routine – kitchen, cleaning, etc. – as well as personal ‘inner work’ through Themes.

It includes chapters and sections on: Concepts and Principles, Basic and Intermediate Practice, ‘the Sitting’, Guitar Work (Tuning, Guitar exercises, the Primaries and Secondaries, Scales, Repertoire, the Guitar Circle, Performance, Inner work – Themes, the House, Kitchen Craft, Calisthenics, Aphorisms.

The book comes as a high quality ‘Collectors’ Edition’ of just 23 numbered copies. Specialist and expert attention was given to all aspects of its production: fine art paper materials and print, font design and pagination, complementary graphics, easy to follow titles to guide your way through the various chapters and section content. To read the book is itself to experience the special quality that lies at the heart of the Guitar Craft philosophy. The cover is produced to offer the best in design and materials. The book also comes in its own slipcase with the Guitar Craft logo embossed on the side.

In this way, the book itself is a ‘work of art’ and will be a treasured object to those few who own it.