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Inspired By Place

Inspired By Place
by Chase Reynolds Ewald

Publication Date: April 2021
Format: Hardcover
448 pages
Publisher: ORO Editions
Size: 11.5″ × 11.5” (Square)
ISBN: 978-1940743820
Typeset in Atlas Grotesk
Book design by Pablo Mandel

The philosophy of CLB, Inspired by Place, permeates all the firm’s design work, from public projects to bespoke homes. Their portfolio projects ― timeless, thoughtful, distinct, and beautiful ― are examples of how to tread softly on the land in some of the world’s most iconic landscapes. They introduce a new approach to form and materiality in a region where the design world is often limited by a nostalgic view of the past.

Inspired By Place showcases ten homes by CLB, many of which feature interiors by CLB’s design team; these are always sophisticated yet comfortable and conceived as an extension of the architecture. From a streamlined modern masterpiece on the banks of the Snake River to architecture as connected barn-like structures to a private glass pavilion retreat perfectly oriented for wildlife viewing, CLB’s work references local forms and vernaculars while speaking in a new architectural language for the Rocky Mountain West.

The book's aesthetic is designed to match the work within and casebound in an ecologically friendly sourced, woven-linen cloth manufactured in the United States. Wrapped in a jacket with French Folds and metallic copper finishes, the book is an elegant addition to any table or shelf, while being conscious of its footprint.