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Layered Landscapes: The Photographic Art of Jenny Okun

Layered Landscapes: The Photographic Art of Jenny Okun
by Jenny Okun

Publication Date: July 2023
Format: Hardcover
240 pages
Publisher: Oro Editions
Size: 12″ × 12″ Square
ISBN: 9781957183404
Typeset in Norms Pro
Cover photo by Jenny Okun
Book design by Pablo Mandel

A gathering of fourteen essays about landscapes with photographic artworks by world traveler and artist Jenny Okun.

The book has introductions by Michael Webb (architecture writer) and Craig Krull (gallerist). Craig Krull aptly points out that Okun's photographs are a "reconstructed harmony into what we believed to be a 'real' landscape." He writes that "her work has always defined the point that landscapes do not exist in nature, but only in our minds." Okun's artwork is a mixture of multiple layers that present a memory of the places she has visited on her many travels. The photographs are as poetic as the essays.

Griff Rhys Jones (writer, actor, presenter) explores the color blue. Kathy Lette (author) becomes a cloud on an Australian beach. Thea Musgrave (composer) explains a tempest in musical notes. Tania Compton (garden designer) talks about meadows balancing wild and formal gardens. Caleb Leech (landscape Gardener) writes about medieval gardens. Annie Gatti (garden writer) and Steve Reich (writer and producer) both talk about happiness in gardening. James Forrest (writer) climbs mountains to become calmer. Richard Sparks (writer, director) and Lee Holdridge (Composer) discuss Okun's projected design for opera. Layered Landscapes is a meditation on our earthly desires.