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Naturally Wood: A collection of wood architecture projects in British Columbia

Naturally Wood - British Columbia
Edited by Jason Martin

Publication Date: January 2019
Format: Softcover with flaps
160 pages
Publishers: Figure1, for Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd.
Size: 9” x 11”
ISBN: 9781999405014
Typeset in The Sans, The Serif
Cover photo by KK Law
Book design by Pablo Mandel

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Between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains is British Columbia (B.C.), home to nearly 25 percent of the world’s temperate rainforest. Almost two-thirds of the westernmost province of Canada—55 million hectares—is forestland. This rugged, natural beauty contributes to a sense of place unique to British Columbians, and has given rise to innovative wood architecture throughout the province. Thanks to advancements in technology and mass-timber products, wood is being used in B.C. in new and sometimes unexpected ways to construct everything from tall timber towers to community and cultural facilities.

Within these pages, you’ll find more than 65 wood buildings that showcase a diverse range of building types throughout the province—each of them unique, and many groundbreaking. Meet the innovators, read their stories, and discover the lesser-known secrets behind their challenges and successes. Together, they tell British Columbia’s impressive story of cutting-edge wood products, technology, architecture, and design.