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The Art of Guiding Souls: A Textbook on Spiritual Direction

The Art of Guiding Souls: A Textbook on Spiritual Direction
by Fr. Miguel Ángel Fuentes, I.V.E

Publication Date: August 2023
Format: Softcover
480 pages
Publisher: IVE Press
Size: 5.5″ × 8.5”
ISBN: 978-1-94756840-2
Typeset in Minion Pro
Book design by Pablo Mandel
Cover Illustration Nicolas Lokhoff, copy of the picture The Road to Emmaus by Duccio di Buoninsegna

"Miguel Ángel Fuentes has produced a very useful handbook for spiritual directors in the tradition of spiritual manuals.  It is comprehensive, exploring the entire history and practice of spiritual direction with a special emphasis on the Carmelite tradition with generous references to Ignatian Spirituality."
—Earl Muller, S.J.

"Fr. Fuentes offers us a wise and comprehensive study of issues related to spiritual direction, such as the nature and purposes of spiritual direction itself, the qualities and responsibilities of the spiritual director and the directee, and many others. Drawing upon the rich Carmelite and Ignatian traditions as well as the writings of other saints and spiritual authors, Fr. Fuentes reviews classic methods of prayer, the basic stages of spiritual growth, the appropriate integration of psychology with the spiritual life, and other fundamental themes of Catholic spirituality. The author moves with grace between theoretical insights and practical advice. While stressing the primary role of the Holy Spirit in the life of those seeking spiritual direction, Fr. Fuentes highlights the significant contribution a competent spiritual director can make to Christian disciples’ growth in holiness."
— Fr. Rob Kroll, S.J.