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West Coast Modern House: UBC SALA series

West Coast Modern House Series

Publication Date: 2011–2020
Format: Hardcover
80 pages
Publisher: University of British Columbia SALA – ORO Editions
Size: 5.5 x 8 inches
Typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk

The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) created this series of monographs to capture the stories behind endangered and under-documented Mid-Century Modern iconic buildings, offer a glimpse into the unique architectural history of the region and represent the legacies of some of Canada’s most innovative and revered architects.

The series includes eight monographs including the Smith House II designed by Arthur Erickson, the Binning House by B.C. Binning, and the Downs House by Barry Downs. Photography by Michael Perlmutter. Edited by Leslie Van Duzer, Sherry McKay, and Chris Macdonald. Publisher: ORO Editions