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Writings on the Asian City

Writings on the Asian City: Framing an Inclusive Approach to Urban Design
by Peter Cookson Smith

Publication Date: September 2023
Format: Softcover with flaps
324 pages
Publisher: ORO Editions
Size: 9″ × 9” Square
ISBN: 978-1957183527
Typeset in Artifex Hand and Lyon Text
Cover illustration by Peter Cookson Smith
Book design by Pablo Mandel

The book examines the contemporary Asian city through the prism of urban design in assimilating new and established drivers of growth. This includes intensified forms of residential development, specialized commercial centers and technology parks, that drive the momentum of the contemporary city, while acting to restructure and reshape forms of capital investment.

New spatial patterns are facilitated by tranches of urban expansion, redevelopment, regeneration and suburbanization that have emerged as by-products of both formal and informal development processes. The book also examines the Asian city language embodied in the local morphology—the essential values of the street, block, temple precinct and monument, and how these can be incorporated as drivers of new urban identities that relate to the changing culture and configuration of city neighborhoods. All of these continue to impose different levels of impact on the creation of livable cities and the quality of life for their inhabitants. In this way urban design can look to the future while respecting the past.

The book frames a perspective on the urban design challenges presented by the rapidly expanding and regenerating Asian cities, and how these can be shaped by memory, meaning and identity while meeting sustainable, resilient and community concerns.